Frequently asked questions

  • We aim to build a global successful brand both in the digital and the physical world. We plan to create a whole ecosystem around the Third Eye Universe while constantly adding value to the project.

  • The date will be announced in the coming weeks. Quality comes first, we want to make sure that everything is perfect before announcing the date.

  • There will be a secure minting page when the launch is ready.

  • There are multiple ways to get whitelisted and obtain the Oculist role. We are constantly rewarding community members who are engaged, helpful, kind, creative and bring value to the community. We are also partnering with other creators/projects to secure whitelist spots. You will also be able to get Oculist when ordering products from the drop #00. Every order will count as one spot in a raffle

  • Each NFT gives you access to various physical products like a premium art book and the exclusive clothing collection.

    You will also have access to the Creators Club, a place where you will be able to interact with various creators and artists, access free workshop, real-life events, artist fund (community managed) and many more benefits.

    If you plan to hold your Third Eye NFT, you will be rewarded with a Third Eye Parasite for FREE. The airdrop will occur a few weeks after the launch.

  • The Third Eye Club NFT is hosted on the Ethereum blockchain.

  • Yes, there will be giveaways during the different phases of the launch from whitelist spot, NFT, physical product and more!