Roadmap, utilities & Benefits

The introduction of the Third Eye Club is all about creating a strong community. Launching the website and the discord, whitelisting the most active members and showing everyone the plan for the future.

The Creators Club & Artist Fund

All holders will have access to the Creators Club, a dedicated space for creators and artists. It will be the best place to network, discover new creators and work together. The Creators Club will give you access to workshop by amazing artists. There will be artists spotlight to showcase the work of members and give them more visibility. Finally, an artist fund managed by the community will be created. The funds will be used to support creators from the Club, for the creators by the creators’ club. Being a member gives you access to the full ecosystem of the Third Eye Club

Premium Art Book & Annual magazine

Each holder will be able to claim a premium art book for free. This book will contain all the details of the Third Eye universe, the different stages of the project creation process and the project design details. An annual magazine to recap everything that happened during the year will also be available each year.

Third Eye Store

At the same time, other physical products will be available such as clothing, accessories, … Holders will have access to the exclusive clothing collection. We as a team have a lot of experience developing a brand, so expect quality products with some surprises! And the store will not only be online, get ready to see us come to your cities through our pop-up store/event.

Third Eye Parasite NFT Airdrop

The creatures of our universe have developed a third eye because of a rare mutation caused by a parasite. All holders of the first collection will be rewarded with a Third Eye Parasite NFT for free. The parasite NFTs will give you access to new utilities and exclusivities.

Physical Art

The Club is already developing the physical art related to the Third Eye universe. The figurines will be carefully crafted, limited in quantity and holder exclusive. More information to come!

Artwork print & arc development

From the start, our wish has always been to offer high quality visuals. This is why high quality prints will be available on the shop. All characters will have their time to shine in each arc development where we will go in depth about each species from the Third Eye Universe.

Unlock the future of the Third Eye Club

Our goal is to create a whole ecosystem around the universe we’ve build. After the initial launch and the implementation of the different utilities, we will give you more details of what you can expect in the future (3D collection, collaboration, partnerships, new utilities and more…). As a member of the Club, you will have early access to all of this. We as a team have many years of experience in the creative industry to ensure the longevity of the project.