The Club

Third Eye Club is a brand bridging the digital and physical world together with a focus on clothing, art and culture. We plan to create a whole ecosystem around the Third Eye Universe while constantly adding value to the project. Are you ready to join ?

9333 Unique Creatures Living In The Metaverse

In 3033, resources on earth became scarce, leading scientists to create a new parasite. this microorganism made by fusing human dna, has the ability to make the hosts stronger and able to survive in a life-threatening environment. however, parasites rapidly mutated, spread to other species, proliferated, and are turning out to be an uncontrollable specimen.

Introducing the Third Eye Club

 Dope Art to collect & trade

Unlike most NFT collection, we chose to have multiple character designs in this collection. For the first drop, more than 10 creatures from the Third Eye Universe will be introduced. Each of them has multiple properties of varying rarities, from common to ultra-rare. There is also some secret amongst them.

Initializing drop #00

A lot of you were asking about the clothes from the introduction video. There will be a drop with various products available soon. Every order will count as one spot in a raffle to give Oculist (WL).